5th Bloggiversary

This is a big day. I’m taking the day off to celebrate. Not because I worked Monday-Saturday last week, but because my little blog is 5 years old!

Five years ago, plus a day or so, I returned to Prague from a trip home to learn that Chelsea had started a blog. I believe her exact words were, “So I have a blog.” I very technosavvily said, “A what?”

Then I started one a few days later.

Things were very uncertain then. I didn’t know whether I should try to stay in Prague longer or return to the U.S. and further my reporting career and find a husband and have babies.

Things are much clearer now, I am no longer a reporter, and have decided not to get married or have kids. I feel like a single mother already, raising the dog and the boyfriend. (Shoot! I forgot to feed the iguana again.) But with the dog, the boyfriend and our house, I feel very settled and very happy. I have a job that I hope to still have when this blog turns 10. A gamble, because I have had SIX jobs since it was born, including the one I had at the time.

So happy 5th birthday, Rhymes With Safari. Here’s to five more!

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