Goal setting

I have to post at least twice a day in order to hit 1,000 posts by my 5th Bloggiversary. Guess I better get back to taking pictures of my dog obsessively if I’m going to have a shot.

I could hit post now, and then finish my train of thought in a new post, but that would be cheating.

Judging from the brightness streaming in through my bedroom window, it’s gorgeous again today. What to do, what to do.

Although it’s a holiday, Rob is working, as he did from 6 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday so he could get Friday off to go to a salmon ceremony and to Portland with me this coming weekend. Road trip with the doggie!

Meanwhile, with so many things I could do with this wonderful day, I find it hard to get out of bed and into the shower. As is the case on most days, that’s the biggest challenge.

Jezise…why are they still showing excerpts of Ann Curry’s interview with Angelina Jolie? I’ve seen this six times already.

I finished “Rise and Shine” yesterday and started “Pretties” by Scott Westerfeld. Yeah, it’s a young adult book, wanna make something of it?

Reminds me of when I lived in Prague — finishing one book and starting a new one immediately. Works best when you read nothing but books you can’t put down. Or you have a lot of free time. The fact that all my shows have had their season finales is not lost on me.

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