Writing in Community

I keep telling one of my coworkers how antisocial I am, but he doesn’t believe me. That’s because I interact with him mostly through online chat and the very occasional in-person meeting. When I do meet with him and the rest of my team, it’s a welcome respite from the relative isolation of my day-to-dayContinue reading “Writing in Community”

So this is what they mean by Voice Control

I haven’t brought Mia to work in so long I forgot her leash today. Amazingly, I didn’t have a spare in my car or my office. I considered buying a cheap one for our lunchtime stroll, but decided instead to take her someplace we could “get away” with being off leash. Now, I don’t condoneContinue reading “So this is what they mean by Voice Control”

Wherever I go, there I am

I’m experiencing some travel paralysis. After we got back from Hawaii, I fantasized about visiting beachy places in Mexico, but that didn’t speak to Rob. Last week, he ruled out the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Apparently, all Spanish-speaking places are out. Brazil, on the other hand, is OK,  because they speak Portuguese there. Rob’sContinue reading “Wherever I go, there I am”

More misadventures of the Leo Bug

Tonight I will be reading an excerpt from Smiley Bird: A memoir of Isis, which begins with “Isis was like those children who misbehave in school because they’re TOO smart.” What’s Leo’s excuse? A month ago, I was so proud of my boy for how well he was doing in daycare and school. He wasContinue reading “More misadventures of the Leo Bug”

Big Leo goes back to school

Leo turns two years old tomorrow. I still call him “The Puppy.” He weighs about 100 pounds. When we pick him up from daycare, they call for “Big Leo” to be brought up front.  This amuses us much more than hearing him referred to as “Leo N.” Probably because we remember him as the rolyContinue reading “Big Leo goes back to school”

Who hates the snow? Honestly!

Every year, when snow is in the forecast, I hear murmurings (and read them on The Facebook and The Twitter) of “Oh, no, it’s going to snow. Oh, I hope it doesn’t snow!” I always think, “Seriously? I loooove the snow. How can you not love snow?” Saying you hate snow is like saying youContinue reading “Who hates the snow? Honestly!”