Someday my pit will come

The heart wants what the heart wants. My heart has decided it wants a blue pit bull. When I searched Google images for a picture of a blue pit, I found one named Isis! Pretty sure she belongs to someone. In 2009, when our Isis was still alive, before I had any plans to writeContinue reading “Someday my pit will come”

The anniversary you hope to forget

Last Saturday marked the second anniversary of Isis’s death. One the first anniversary, I attended a funeral with Rob and his parents. Naturally this put me in a somber mood, even though I didn’t know the guy. I wrapped Isis’s beaded necklace around my wrist and wore it for two days. Isis happened to dieContinue reading “The anniversary you hope to forget”

A love letter to Rob and Disneyland

Rob loves Disneyland. I grew up in L.A., so Disneyland always has been as familiar to me as the county fair. We discovered Disney’s California Adventure, the theme park next door, on our first visit to Los Angeles together. Since then, we’ve been to the pair of parks in Anaheim a bunch of times andContinue reading “A love letter to Rob and Disneyland”

This parenting thing is hard

What did I think? Isis would take one sniff of Leo and they’d play like litter mates? OK, that’s exactly what I thought. This is going to be much harder than I expected. And I didn’t really expect it to be easy, did I? Well, not exactly, but I thought I had all these methodsContinue reading “This parenting thing is hard”

I am calm. And assertive. Calm. And assertive.

As the weather is turning, the dog park has become less fun. Also, I got the cold shoulder a few weeks ago from a couple with a boxer, with whom Isis had played before, but on this day they didn’t seem to care for Isis’ aggressive play tactics (unusually so, for her) and left. AndContinue reading “I am calm. And assertive. Calm. And assertive.”