I choose having dogs over having nice things

While Rob and I were in Seattle on Saturday, Leo and Mia committed unprecedented destruction. We were warned by Rob’s dad, Jerry, when I called to tell him we were on our way home. “You’ll never guess what your dogs did.” “Did they tear up the couch?” (This would not have surprised nor particularly troubledContinue reading “I choose having dogs over having nice things”

The Accidental Teacher Dog

Mia and I helped socialize an 11-month-old Great Dane today. Back when Leo was a puppy and needed lots of stimulation, I sometimes took him to a large ball field at lunchtime hoping to find like-minded dog parents with suitable playmates for him. We also took him to doggie socials on weekends, but since heContinue reading “The Accidental Teacher Dog”

To the punk who gave me the finger while I walked my dogs

Look, I have a complicated relationship with the cyclists who travel 32nd Street and thereabouts. I know it’s not politically correct to say, but you’re mostly in my way. Mine is a reasonably trafficked street, but it only has two lanes, so when you’re riding your bike between moving cars and parked cars, with yourContinue reading “To the punk who gave me the finger while I walked my dogs”

Dogs in the graveyard

Early in Isis’ behavioral modification efforts, our trainer suggested we meet at the local cemetery. I thought it a strange place to take one’s dog, but was surprised to see a lot of people walking their dogs there. It’s near an official trail, so people naturally consider the graveyard to be a logical extension ofContinue reading “Dogs in the graveyard”

Is my dog the annoying kid on the playground?

Leo’s been going to the most wonderful doggie daycare. They have webcams where I can watch him romp. He is under constant human supervision and gets naps and snacks, has his teeth brushed and practices his manners. He even gets report cards. He was going once a week at first, because I like bringing himContinue reading “Is my dog the annoying kid on the playground?”