Natural remedies for dog anxiety

Isis was on Prozac when she died. We’d just increased her dosage. While I don’t think that caused her sudden death from bleeding near the heart, I have a bad association with it. I don’t even know if it worked. The night before she died, Isis cowered under a table shaking. Ergo, I hesitate toContinue reading “Natural remedies for dog anxiety”

Top 6 Dog Books for Veterans Day

I was reminded how much respect and gratitude people in this country have for veterans when I went to Disney World last month with Rob’s dad, a career Navy man. When he wore his Retired Navy hat, total strangers thanked him for his service all day long, sometimes bringing a tear to his eye. Today,Continue reading “Top 6 Dog Books for Veterans Day”

How to exercise your dog during the short, dark days

As if anticipating the short, dark days ahead, Leo has been antsy since we set the clocks back Sunday, even though we’ve been keeping up with our regular exercise schedule! On both Sunday and Monday, after he raced around at the park, when I was ready to settle down with my book, he started pulling thingsContinue reading “How to exercise your dog during the short, dark days”

What your dog needs

The theme for this month’s Positive Pet Training Blog Hop is training mistakes. Before I caught on to this whole positive training thing, I made so many mistakes that I wrote a book about them, called Bark and Lunge: Saving My Dog from Training Mistakes. Everyone makes technical mistakes, like using the wrong gear, or usingContinue reading “What your dog needs”

Top 10 Books for Dog Lovers

It goes without saying that the greatest gift you can give any dog lover this Christmas is my book, Bark and Lunge, but I’ll assume because you’re reading my blog that you already know that. Here are ten more books to give the dog lover in your life. I have extremely high standards for dog books,Continue reading “Top 10 Books for Dog Lovers”

WOOF! Traveling with a reactive dog

Whenever I’m preparing for a trip, I get a twisty, angsty feeling in my chest because I hate leaving my dogs behind. Lots of places in the Pacific Northwest welcome dogs, but they wouldn’t necessarily welcome leash-reactive Leo. Since I don’t consider it socially acceptable to take him on walks where he barks and lungesContinue reading “WOOF! Traveling with a reactive dog”

Walking dogs for fitness and fun

I really wanted to call this post How I lost 30 pounds walking dogs. Turns out that won’t happen unless I also cut back on the M&Ms and french fries. When I first started volunteering at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley, I went two or three times a week and walked three dogs about 20Continue reading “Walking dogs for fitness and fun”

My “normal” dog

The magic of Mia is that I can take her anywhere. Truly. She doesn’t even need a leash; she sticks right by me. Even on a leash, she doesn’t bark and lunge at any of the usual suspects. My original plan for the Festival of the River was to take Mia with me both days,Continue reading “My “normal” dog”