School Bully

Now that Isis has gotten a hang of this training thing, I’m starting to enjoy taking her to school. It’s way better working with a group of other dogs, and we’re starting to feel friendly toward some of her fellow students, including other shepherds and a 7-month-old floppy-eared Great Dane she’s been in class withContinue reading “School Bully”

I never thought it would come to this

I’m training my dog with a medieval torture device. Oh, the animal cruelty! I just found a coupla websites that argued that the prong or “pinch” collar is safer and more humane than your standard choke, but that’s not why I made the switch. She wasn’t responding to corrections with the choke chain. Look, sheContinue reading “I never thought it would come to this”

Domesticity I drove through Arby’s last night after class. Although I recently have cleaned the kitchen to the point that the previous night, Rob and I ate at the kitchen table, we decided last night to eat our dinner in bed and watch the Real World. While waiting for Rob to finish e-mailing or illegallyContinue reading