I wasn’t sure how appropriate the above birthday card was at my day job, but I gave it to my co-editor anyway. That’s how passionate I am about precise grammar and spelling.

Editing philosophy

I understand the importance of voice, and as a writer, I know how frustrating it is when an editor (or well-meaning friend) scolds, “You shouldn’t end your sentences with a preposition.” If I were copyediting the card above, I certainly would not strike out the “at.”

I’m a stickler for style and consistency. I call myself a “copyeditor,” but recognize that some people use “copy editor.” When I edit your book, I’ll make sure whichever term you use is consistent throughout. If someone is named Krista in the first chapter and Krysta in the seventeenth, I’ll catch that, too.

I am proficient in AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style, and can adjust easily to alternate style guides. My specialties are mainstream fiction, memoir, and anything having to do with dogs.

How it works

My rate is $3-$6 per page, depending on how much editing needs to be done. It simply takes more time to make 30 edits on one page than it does to make one edit for every 30 pages. To find out how much your book edit will cost, I will do a free, no obligation edit of 10 sample pages. Based on that, I can determine your per page rate for the full project, and you can evaluate the quality of my edits.

I look forward to reading your work!

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