What happens at the dog park

I try not to write too many posts about the wacky and/or horrifying things that happen at the dog park. I know and trust lots of dog professionals who think off-leash parks are terrible places where bad behavior gets reinforced by clueless dog owners making the wrong choices for their dogs. I agree. But IContinue reading “What happens at the dog park”

The Good Dog Park v. The Bad Dog Park

There are lots of reasons not to take your dog to a dog park, and most of these have two legs and spend their time texting when they should be watching their dogs. But sometimes, especially when it’s cold and rainy and your dog barks and lunges when he’s on a leash, you really justContinue reading “The Good Dog Park v. The Bad Dog Park”

Appropriate dog park behavior or party foul?

We haven’t been to the off-leash park in a while, so we thought we’d go Sunday during the Super Bowl, when we’d have it mostly to ourselves. Our favorite park isn’t fully fenced, but the play area is between a really steep hill and a waste treatment facility. One trail leads down the steep hill,Continue reading “Appropriate dog park behavior or party foul?”

When your difficult dog becomes your easy dog*

*Alternate headline: When your geriatric dog has fewer health problems than your younger dog.** **Then again, Leo is 9, so technically he is a senior dog too. Last week, I marveled to myself that because of Mia’s mobility limitations, my “difficult dog” Leo has become the easier dog to take out into the world. ThisContinue reading “When your difficult dog becomes your easy dog*”

Scary Dogs Need Protection Too

When you have a big, scary German shepherd like Leo with a big, scary bark, you get used to other people thinking they need to keep their dogs (or their small children) safe from your dog. Meanwhile, my job is to keep Leo safe from situations that overwhelm him. Since last month’s “That’s a dangerousContinue reading “Scary Dogs Need Protection Too”

Three times I spoke up for my dog

  Often, people with reactive dogs are overly concerned that others will judge us for the uncontrollable, barking, lunging, frothing beast on the other end of the leash. We need to get over that and just worry about our dogs. I have gotten better and here are three examples where I was proud of speakingContinue reading “Three times I spoke up for my dog”

That one dog who ruins it for everyone

Dog parks are risky for reactive dogs – all dogs, really – but we’re lucky to have three off-leash areas that aren’t usually too crowded where we can manage our well-socialized dogs. We leave as soon as a small, uncontrollable child arrives, or at the first sign of an unstable dog. We tend to rotateContinue reading “That one dog who ruins it for everyone”